Discover Water
Discover Water is an easy interactive ‘dashboard’ bringing together key information about water companies in England and Wales.

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Water UK, Ofwat, Defra, the Welsh Government, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Drinking Water Inspectorate and CCW, have developed this dashboard to:


  • Give you the opportunity to find out more about your water services, your water company and the water industry;
  • Show you how your company has performed and how it compares to other water companies, and
  • Provide you with clear, reliable, factual and trusted information.


Find out more:


You can find out how we perform against other companies for 2018/19 in the following reports and for further details please read our

Annual Performance report 2018/19. We will report our 2019/2020 information later in the year.

Northumbrian Water
Essex & Suffolk Water