Drought Plan
Our Drought Plans

Our Drought Plan identifies how we intend to manage a future drought. It identifies what measures are available to reduce demand and support supplies and what triggers can be used to identify when actions are required. The Plan also outlines how we will communicate with our customers during a drought.


Our current Drought Plans for our Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water regions are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Draft Drought Plan 2022 Consultation

We are required to prepare a new Drought Plan every five years. Following direction from Defra, we published our new draft Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water Drought Plans on this web page for formal consultation between 8 June 2021 and 3 August 2021. We subsequently prepared a Consultation Statement of Response which details:


i. the consideration we have given to representations;


ii. any changes that have been made or will be made to the draft Drought Plan as a result of consideration of those representations and the reasons for doing so; and


iii. where no change has been made to the draft Drought Plan as a result of consideration of any representation, the reason for this.


If our responses to the consultation comments are accepted by Defra, they will be included in our final Drought Plan which should be published on this webpage during 2021/22.


Our draft Drought Plans, Draft Drought Plan Non-technical Summaries, Consultation Statement of Response and Revised  draft Drought Plans are all below.

Exclusions on the Grounds of National Security


Under Section 37B(10)(b) of the Water Industry Act 1991, as amended by the Water Act 2003 ("the Act"), the Secretary of State can direct companies to exclude any information from published drought plans on the grounds that it appears to him that the publication would be contrary to the interests of national security. No information has been excluded from this plan.


Our Current Drought Plans


Our current drought plans are below.

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