The UK Government has made a legislative commitment to attain Net Zero emissions by 2050, and it is recognised that the construction sector must change at pace to be part of the solution.


Construct Zero is the construction industry’s zero carbon change programme. Through this activity a Five-Point Plan has been created, developed alongside the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) and the Infrastructure and Project Authority (IPA). The purpose is to create a clear demand for the transition to net zero within the construction industry. This plan was launched on the 29 April 2024.

Our Commitments

We have made the commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2050.


Over the past 15 years our operational emissions (Scope 1 and 2) have reduced by more than 90%, and we have made ambitious commitments to reduce carbon emissions associated with constructing new assets.


In our 2025-30 Business Plan, we have committed to deliver an ambitious capital programme of £3.6billion, which will have a large impact on our carbon emissions. Signing up to the CO2nstructZero Five Point Plan is an important part of our overall journey in reducing emissions.


The five parts of the plan are:

  1. Procure for low carbon construction and provide incentives in our contracts
  2. Set phase out dates for fossil fuel use
  3. Eliminate the most carbon intensive concrete products
  4. Eliminate the most carbon intensive steel products
  5. Adopt PAS 2080, Carbon Management in Infrastructure, as a common standard

The table below sets our commitments, within the framework of the CO2nstructZero Five-Point Plan:


Construct Zero plan table


Further details on the these categories can be found on the CO2nstructZero website here.