Protecting the environment
We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously.

As a water and wastewater service provider we are entirely dependent on the natural environment have significant interaction with rivers and coastal waters in our region and we manage our assets and operations to avoid, preserve and enhance the environment. 


We hold ourselves to account to protect and improve the environment, going well beyond our regulatory obligations. Through effective partnerships, we are able to pool resources and knowledge to better understand and work more effectively.


Our environment gives us water and so much more, so it's only right we do our best to protect it.

Environmental Performance

The EPA is a basket of measures on how well companies protect the environment. The measures cover things like how companies have prevented sewage getting into rivers, whether companies treat and dispose of sewage properly and if companies have good equipment and processes to treat sewage.


The Environment Agency collect the data from their own regulatory activities and from companies on how they have performed on these measures. The Environment Agency then use this data to form a scorecard and give an overall assessment.









Energy and emissions

We have reduced operation emissions by 46% since 2009 and are the only water company in the UK to use 100% of the sludge remaining after sewage treatment to produce renewable power – we have also used our experience from this to create further opportunities for green gas development.

We power all 1,858 of our sites using renewable electricity, enabling us to eliminate the equivalent of 125,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.


We have committed to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2027, three years ahead of the water industry commitment.






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We protect and enhance the environment in delivering our services, leading by example