Northumbrian Water vehicle with people standing outside
We often receive requests for support to provide a water supply for events.

Although we would love to be able to help with all the requests we receive, our resource is limited. Our Water team, who help with these requests, work around the clock to ensure customer water supplies flow 24/7. Our resources must continue to prioritise customers’ homes and businesses. 


However, we can help some charitable or community events by providing a free supply of water. This could be in the form of standpipes for example, where people can fill up their water bottles. We need at least eight weeks' notice, and our help is dependent on the resource we have available at the time. 


Before you make the request have you thought about promoting Refill? This national campaign encourages people to reuse their own bottles and fill them up with free tap water from the thousands of places signed up in the region. It might be worth you downloading the free app to see which places are nearest to your event. To find out more and for campaign resources visit:


We do not provide bottled water for events as we are committed to helping to reduce single-use plastics and help protect the environment. 


If we can help, our support for providing a temporary supply of water can cost us anything from £1,000-£4,000. To help us offset those costs, it’s great if we can use the event to promote some of our campaigns around the environment or support for our customers.


You can make a request for this service by completing the online form below.