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Our Purpose

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Caring for the essential needs of our communities and environment, now and for generations to come. We do this by providing reliable and affordable water and wastewater services for our customers. We make a positive difference by operating efficiently and investing prudently, to maintain a sustainable and resilient business.

Purpose is designed to convey why a business exists and guide strategy and behaviours; considering the role business can play to improve society and applying this to services and customer experience. First and foremost, our core role is as a provider of water and wastewater services, which places us at the heart of our communities and our natural environment. Caring for them is always our priority. 


Throughout our business, all of our teams are committed to delivering what matters for our customers, communities and environment, and everything we do is focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for them. You can read more about how we live Our Purpose below.

We deliver services that are vital to public health and take our responsibility as the provider of your water services (and in the north east, sewerage services) very seriously.

It’s really important we have tough measures in place to show how the company is run and how we police ourselves. This means our employees, customers and stakeholders can trust we are responsible, the way we behave is ethical, and the way we report on our finances and company information is clear.


For further information go to 'Assurance'.

Independent Challenge Group – The Water Forum
Our Water Forums are a fiercely independent and balanced blend of industry regulators, subject experts and independent members who have wholeheartedly risen to the job at hand.


Their job isn’t to run the company or to make decisions (that’s for the Board and the Executive Leadership Team to do); it’s to champion on behalf of customers and challenge the company to understand the impact of decisions before they’re taken. Their challenges are always from a very early starting point - we challenge the company during business planning and as it delivers its plans.


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