Our Purpose
Our Purpose

Water is life. Every living cell on earth needs water to survive.

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The single most essential ingredient for human life to thrive, is clean drinking water. Our work is instrumental in fulfilling our basic human needs and protecting the source of life.

Sustainability is at the core of our purpose. This means seeking to protect and enhance the environment in everything we do; being the best we can in meeting our customers’ needs and having a positive impact on the communities where we operate; and making a financial return so we are economically viable long into the future.

We deliver services that are vital to public health and take our responsibility as the provider of your water services (and in the north east, sewerage services) very seriously.


It’s really important we have tough measures in place to show how the company is run and how we police ourselves. This means our employees, customers and stakeholders can trust we are responsible, the way we behave is ethical, and the way we report on our finances and company information is clear.


Every year we publish Our Assurance Plan (our next report will be published by 31 March 2020) which provides you with details on the things we do to make sure any information we are giving out to customers, regulators and stakeholders is true and correct. It also tells you how we plan and manage risks and some of the ways we make sure we are prepared for the future.


We issue Our Draft Assurance Plan yearly, to give customers and stakeholders the opportunity to read the draft and let us know what they think, before we publish the final version. For the full version of our Draft Assurance Plan, click here.

Customer Challenge Group - Our Water Forums
Our Water Forums are a fiercely independent and balanced blend of industry regulators, subject experts and independent members who have wholeheartedly risen to the job at hand.


Their job isn’t to run the company or to make decisions (that’s for the Board and the Executive Leadership Team to do); it’s to champion on behalf of customers and challenge the company to understand the impact of decisions before they’re taken. Their challenges are always from a very early starting point - we challenge the company during business planning and as it delivers its plans.


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