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Restore and Regenerate: Our Environment Strategy to 2050

The environment is at the heart of everything we do as a business, so our role in protecting the environment is not new for us and forms part of our company’s purpose.


In our regions, we enjoy some of the most beautiful rivers, coasts and wildlife habitats in the country. We know how important they are for our communities, and looking after them is a huge part of what motivates our people to do the essential jobs, they do each day.


Our Environment Strategy published in September 2023, builds on what we have already achieved and sets our direction for the future – to achieve our environmental ambition of:


Together, we are restoring and regenerating our natural environment, creating a better place through our actions.


The strategy is made up of five Environmental Priorities that work together to contribute to our ambition: 

  • Water management for the environment and people;
  • Healthy catchments, rivers and coastal waters;
  • Effective climate action;
  • Valuing resources and eliminating waste; and
  • Thriving nature and communities.
Environmental ambition diagram Environmental ambition diagram

Each Environmental Priority consists of several focus areas, and our strategy outlines the commitments we are making across these.


We have also identified three guiding principles to help ensure our decisions are in line with our Environment Ambition:

  • Systems thinking
  • Natural solutions first
  • Partnership mindset

How all of this comes together is illustrated in our strategy.


We cannot deliver on this alone and we would invite anyone with ideas on how we could collaborate to meet these challenges to get in touch – we always welcome the opportunity for a conversation.


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