Our people
Not to brag, but we've got a great team at NWG.

In fact, we've proud to say some people spend their entire career with us.



  • they've found a job they love
  • they've grown into new roles
  • our great reputation as a top employer in the UK

To keep the water flowing, we've got a lot of roles and responsibilities (take a deep breath!):

  • scientists
  • engineers
  • information services
  • field services
  • customer services
  • legal services
  • marketing
  • HR
  • supply chain management
  • financial services
  • corporate affairs

and that's just scratching the surface!


We employ over 3000 people, and we're always looking for the next team member.

Start and grow your career with us

You need to know when you're doing a great job at work.


It's motivating, and shows you what you're doing well so you can do even better in your job.


To make sure you're always on the right track, you'll have at least two reviews or appraisals each year with your manager. You'll both take some time to chat about your performance, comparing it with your job role.


Of course, this isn't the only time your work is looked at.


Your manager will talk with you regularly about your progress and to look at the support available to you. You can chat about your options for further development, such as training, refresher courses and learning days around the organisation.


We think it’s vital you know what you need to achieve in your role, and your manager will set clear targets to help you meet this. 


And last but certinaly not least, your manager will also talk to you about how you're delivering our one team, customer focused, ethical, creative, results driven values.

Learning and development

We want you to be the best you can be and we also want you to feel like you've got a great place to work.


We will give you the tools and support to really make a difference and offer ongoing learning.


Your development is important to help you meet your own goals and ambitions. We appreciate a culture that values, encourages and recognises outstanding performance, with commitment to our vision and values.


You and your manager will agree a personal development plan that looks at where you are, where you want to be, and what tools you need to get there.


It is important that you also take an active role in seeking out opportunities and materials to learn and develop particular skills. We have a growing suite of e-learning tools and materials that are available to you as well as CDs/Video/DVDs, reference and work books.


You can also use our interest free qualification loan if you choose to take a course of study which is not a requirement of your role. The course does not have to be work-related; it just needs to lead to a recognised qualification.


We really benefit as a business from employing skilled and motivated people, wherever they are from and whatever their background.


In practice this means that

  • appointments
  • promotions
  • training, and
  • performance management decisions

are based on merit.


We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. In fact, it's important to recognise that people with different perspectives and experiences contribute to the continued success of our company. 


We're proud to be members of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) and the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign.


We are one of 55 signatories to the WISE ten-steps which aims to improve the recruitment, retention and progression of women in the science and engineering sector.


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At NWG, we love finding people with potential

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