Managing our sites for wildlife
We own and maintain a variety of sites across England - approximately 25,460 acres, including 9,452 acres of reservoirs and 2,125 acres of woodland, if you were curious!

We use wildlife surveys to find out what species and habitats are on our sites, and we carry out management activities to maintain and where possible, enhance habitats.

Our wildlife surveys include:
  • small mammals, including bats,
  • amphibians, including frogs, toads and newts
  • wetland birds, through the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS)
  • breeding birds, and Constant Effort Sites (CES)
  • butterflies
  • dragonflies
  • moths
  • habitats
  • reptiles
  • fungi (including waxcaps)

Based on survey findings and monitoring we carry out a range of activities including hay cuts, woodland thinning, conservation grazing and control of invasive species.

Working in partnership

We work closely with a range of partners including the Wildlife Trusts and the Land Trust to carry out conservation related management on selected sites. These environmental partnerships allow us to use volunteers who can do a range of activities including grass cutting with scythes, pond clearance, thistle pulling, constructing bug hotels and compost bins and managing invasive species.


We currently have partnerships with:

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