Our Environment
As a water and wastewater operator, we have a significant interaction with rivers and coastal waters. Our customers value the environment highly, and we take our responsibility towards the water environment very seriously.

We want to manage our assets and operations to avoid environmental effects and to benefit the environment wherever possible. Our interactions with the water environment offer opportunities for us to go above and beyond our regulatory obligations. This will allow us to play our part in protecting and improving the rivers and beaches within our regions.



We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. We have significant interaction with rivers and coastal waters in our region and we manage our assets and operations to avoid negative effects and to improve the environment wherever possible. We were delighted when the Environment Agency (EA) announced we had achieved a four star industry leading company rating in their Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA) for 2018, improving from two star in 2018. In addition the EA commented we were the only water and wastewater company to achieve the highest rating and only company to improve in 2018.


These results were due, largely to the forward looking and innovative approach by a dedicated team, brought together from many different disciplines across our business to improve our environmental performance, which in 2017 was acknowledged as in need of improvement by the environmental regulator.