Tap running water
Working with our customers and stakeholders we have long term plans in place make sure we can deliver an unrivalled customer experience now and into the future.

You can find more about our strategies below.

Inclusivity Strategy

This document sets out the steps we are taking to make sure that every single one of those customers enjoys an unrivalled customer experience – whatever their particular circumstances or needs.


Our focus is to provide extra support, financial and otherwise, for customers who need it and to remove the barriers that might get in the way of delivering exceptional service. The report sets out how we plan to treat all customers fairly and consistently, working alongside our partners to provide experiences that demonstrate respect and empathy always.


Making sure bills are affordable for all of our customers is our industry leading aspiration. Our aim to eradicate water poverty by 2030 is a powerful example of this.

Shaping our Future

This document sets out how we plan to build on our strengths and develop further as a customer focused business in order to anticipate, respond to and exceed our customers’ expectations in the future.