Water efficiency
It’s important for the environment and it helps to keep us healthy.

Because it’s so precious, it’s really important that we all do our bit to save water. Every drop really does count! You can help save water by making small changes to the way you use it, like turning the tap off when you brush your teeth.


If you’d like to learn more about other ways you can save water, we know just the kids who can help!


Our Super Splash Heroes - AmiraMaxJada and Isaac - are ultimate water saving champions.

Vital water
Water is vital for all life.

You would survive for less than a week without water. Water is the most natural, healthy thing we can drink, our bodies are 70% water and our brains are 78% water, so it is important to drink water to keep our minds and bodies active.

Wasting water
We waste water all the time when:

  • We leave the tap running when we brush our teeth we waste 13 litres per person per day - enough to fill a bucket!
  • We let the tap run while we are waiting for the hot water to come through. 
  • We have really long showers.
  • We leave taps running or dripping. 
  • We wash things under a running tap. 
  • We water our gardens using a sprinkler or when it is sunny. 

And in lots more ways.

Wasting energy and chemicals
Do your bit 

  • Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.
  • Spend one minute less in the shower. 
  • Have a shower instead of a bath. 
  • Put a Save-a-flush in the toilet cistern. 
  • Use a bowl to rinse your recycling and clean your vegetables, instead of running tap. 
  • Get a water butt to water the garden. 
  • Only put the washing machine or dishwasher on when you have a full load.
Saving water makes sense
You could save money if you install a meter.

Your water bill will reduce if you use less water. Protect the environment - there are direct environmental benefits such as energy and chemicals saved, reduced water treatment and less pollution leading to global warming. Expensive new water abstraction or reservoirs can be avoided or delayed and rivers and wetlands can be improved protecting habitats and biodiversity.

Water waste
Water is precious, use it, don’t waste it!

In one day, each of us can flush away more water than some people in the developing world would get in a week. If we also use the toilet to dispose of anything that doesn’t come out of us naturally or toilet roll i.e. if we use the toilet instead of a bin, then we waste even more.