Water Tracker House
Take a tour of our house!

Welcome to Water Tracker House, an interactive game that takes players on a journey that holds exciting, engaging, curriculum-linked games, films and activities.


Get children excited about becoming ambassadors for The Ripple Effect, showing others how small changes can make big waves in protecting our water supply.


Build on and test the knowledge students may have already gained attending Water Tracker Training Camp here, or use Water Tracker House on it’s own. 


You may choose to use the house as a group activity; this will require an interactive whiteboard and some activities require an internet connection. It has also been designed to be student-led, so students can visit Water Tracker House independently in the classroom, in small groups, or from home. The teacher guide has help and tips to support your chose delivery method. Water Tracker House is also flexible so you can explore just one room, dip back in a few times, or complete our suggested route through the whole house.


Simply download Water Tracker House to start your tour!

Water Tracker House: Resources