Site tours
Our site tours help students to understand the water cycle.

To see the work that goes into making sure water is available when they turn on the tap and what happens to the water once they have used it.

Water treatment works
Northumbrian Water

  • Whittle Dene water treatment works, west of Newcastle
  • Wear Valley water treatment works, near Stanhope, Country Durham
  • Lumley water treatment works, Chester le Street
  • Warkworth water treatment works, Warkworth, Northumberland
Sewage treatment works
Northumbrian Water

  • Birtley sewage treatment works, near Team Valley
  • Tudhoe sewage treatment works, Spennymoor
  • Hendon sewage treatment works, Sunderland
  • Amble sewage treatment works, Amble, Northumberland
  • Bran Sands, Teesside (available to Year 10 students upwards only)
The ins and outs

Our sites give your students the chance to see a working site in action. But this means there are some strict guidelines to follow:

  • the maximum size of a party of school children is 30
  • pupils must be in Year 5 upwards, and
  • no cameras, videos or mobile phones on site.

For health and safety reasons, we recommend:

  • one adult per five students aged 11 and under, and
  • one adult per ten students aged 11 and over.

Unfortunately, due to our sites being working sites, we retain the right to cancel visits at any time due to operational emergencies.

A guide to understanding water treatment

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