Invasive Non Native Species (INNS)
The Branch Out Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) fund has been set up to help address INNS risks within the catchments where we operate. 

INNS are species that have been introduced by people and are having a negative impact on the economy, wildlife or habitats of Britain. 


If you, or your organisation, are involved in a project that is trying to tackle invasive non-native species, then the Branch Out INNS fund might be able to help you.


Applications of up to £15,000 are welcome, and do not require match funding.


Our guidance notes are available to download, to help you decide if the fund is right for your project.

Submitting your application

The fund are open for new applications and the deadline for applications is the 30 October 2022.


Please note: For best results, please download and save the forms before completing.


Please note: Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions the team are working from home, please send email applications only, as we have limited access to our offices and postal applications may take some time to reach us.