Our Approach
NWG’s business plan for 2020-25 includes a new customer-driven performance commitment for Water Environment Improvements.

This is business-wide, covering both our Northumbrian Water (NW) and Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) operating and supply areas, and will help us achieve our ambitious goals to be leading in catchment management and to have the best rivers and beaches in the country.


This new performance commitment allows us to work with our environmental partners to support, drive or deliver ‘above and beyond’ customer-focused improvements to accessible areas of the water environment – streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, beaches and coastline. 


By focusing on areas of water environment that the public can get to, we can deliver improvements which are visible and make a difference to individuals and communities. While raising awareness of partnership working to improve the water environment in our regions. 


In order for a km of improvement to be recorded, actions must impact on accessible areas of the water environment, and be implemented across at least two of the following categories: 


  1. Access, facilities & recreation;
  2. Wildlife & biodiversity;
  3. Water quality. 


After a feasibility project, undertaken from September 2020-May 2021, we have set up a scheme for identifying, developing and including water environment improvement projects in our plan. 


The approach will be supported and externally assured by the

Water Environment Governance Group (WEGG)


For more information or to discuss any aspects of this, please email us at bluespaces@nwl.co.uk