Social Mobility Pledge
We have put Social Mobility at the heart of our Purpose by committing to the Social Mobility Pledge.

The pledge makes clear that we will partner with schools or colleges to provide coaching through quality careers advice, enrichment experience and / or mentoring to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances. Beyond this we will also provide structured work experience and / or apprenticeship opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.


We will also adopt open employee recruitment practices which promotes a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.

Case studies
Energy & Utilities Skills (EU Skills) Partnership
Northumbrian Water Group is part of the Energy & Utilities Skills (EU Skills) Partnership, a group of that aims to help fill the need to employ a total of 221,000 new recruits into the sector by 2027.


With 26 partners from across the energy and utilities sector, we’re aiming to tackle future skills shortages to ensure we can continue to give customers the service they expect and deserve.


At NWG, we are playing our part, working with partners and a range of other organisations to deliver apprenticeships and other routes into the sector. We also work in schools to educate young people about water and also to enthuse them about our industry, so they see the varied and exciting careers available within the utilities sector.


The Partnership’s vision is: “Through our partnership, we will ensure a safe, skilled and sustainable workforce provides the essential services that our customers seek and meets the UK’s needs from the energy and utilities infrastructure.”


Working together we set three priorities for the sector:


Priority 1: Sector attractiveness and recruitment − to increase our future talent pool

The objective is to broaden the talent pool through demonstrating the attractiveness of our sector, inspiring and attracting new talent in a highly competitive recruitment environment.


Priority 2: Maximising investment in skills – investment made by asset owners and their supply chain

We will maximise the sector’s investment in skills, securing commitment for further investment in skills from asset owners and their vital delivery partners, and building a sustainable pipeline of apprenticeships. We will ensure that the people who are recruited can acquire the required skills, proficiencies and behaviours quickly and effectively and that existing employees are motivated by opportunities for upskilling and progression.


Priority 3 Targeted action – to address anticipated skill gaps and shortages

We will take targeted action to tackle the challenges and issues already recognised and prioritised by our Council of Energy and Utilities Chief Executives.


You can find out more here – and read the Skills Strategy here.

NWG Academy - Developing our people and future employees
NWG Academy is all about inspiring, finding and developing people with talent and helping retain knowledge in the business. We work in schools, with around 12,000 young people each year from different backgrounds, to educate them about STEM, water and about our industry.


We are actively involved in the Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy, and support 185 apprentices and 20 graduate trainees each year with 25% of employees currently working towards a qualification.


We also play our part locally, working with partners and a range of other organisations to deliver apprenticeships and other routes into the sector. Partners such as The Skill Mill, a local non-for-profit social enterprises, provide employment opportunities in environmental management for young offenders.