Our long-term vision is to become the national leader in the water sector by working with partners and innovating to deliver effectively and efficiently for our customers and the environment. 


We are privileged to provide water and wastewater services to the communities we serve in the North East, Essex and Suffolk. We must continually improve our business to make sure these essential services can continue to be enjoyed by customers in the long-term and that we can deliver the improvements that Government, regulators, and our customers want to see. 


This document presents our long-term delivery strategy for the next 25 years. We consulted on our draft strategy, ‘Shaping our future: developing our long-term strategy 2025-2050’ in June – July 2023 and we acknowledge and appreciate the feedback we received on that strategy from customers, stakeholders and regulators that has helped inform this revised strategy. 


This version of our strategy forms part of our PR24 Business Plan submission to Ofwat and so is more technical in nature. Summaries of our strategy for our Northern and Essex & Suffolk regions are included in our Business Plan customer summaries.



Our strategy sets out a series of long-term targets that we want to deliver by 2050. 


These are based on: 

  • Commitments we have already made and our existing strategies and plans to deliver those improvements. 
  • The improvements we are legally obligated to deliver, including from Government and regulators. 
  • What our customers and stakeholders want to see improvements in and what they are willing to pay for those improvements.