Working with a consortium of partners, we aim to streamline assistance to vulnerable customers by eliminating the need for multiple registrations and ensuring accurate data sharing.

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At our 2021 Innovation Festival, a shared PSR (Priority Services Register) data solution was introduced. In February 2022, a collaborative design workshop with over 60 participants from 30 organisations focused on creating a fully supported PSR journey for water and energy at a regional level.


Support for All was born with the primary objective of creating a hub that securely hosts data on customers in vulnerable circumstances. By submitting their details once, customers no longer need to register separately with each utility company, reducing administrative burden and improving the user experience.


The hub will ensure accurate data sharing among utility companies, eliminating the risk of missed or inadequate support due to incorrect information, meaning we can offer timely and tailored support to our vulnerable customers when they need it the most.


With the pilot’s positive outcomes, we are actively exploring opportunities to scale up the Support for All platform, expanding its geographical reach and incorporating additional sectors beyond utilities, such as local authorities and healthcare.


This broader implementation would create a national PSR platform, delivering enhanced support to a wider range of vulnerable customers with the potential to transform the provision of assistance across multiple sectors.