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Taking the next step with Open Data

We have a long track record of facilitating innovation through data, most notably as part of our annual Innovation Festival, which has been running since 2017.  


Many of the challenges facing the water industry are complex and involve many stakeholders.  Data has a crucial role to play in helping to solve these challenges and, while we generate a lot of data, we know that our data alone only represents one part of this picture.


By sharing and opening up our data, it can be used by others in conjunction with other data to unlock value for our customers and the regions we serve.  


Our Open Data strategy sets out our vision, approach and commitment to making this happen, with a particular focus on what we will be doing in this first year. We will update the strategy annually so the plan and approach remains relevant and fit for purpose and takes into account feedback from our data re-users.  


We have taken the decision to publish this document under an open licence so that anyone can take, re-use or adapt it for their own purposes, with the only condition that they publish under the same licence arrangements in order to continue contributing back to the open community. We want to encourage and support other organisations to open up their data so that we can tackle the complex challenges we face together using our combined data.




Annual Performance Report Tables 2022-23

© 2023 by Northumbrian Water Group is licensed under CC BY 4.0   

14 July 2023 Excel

This spreadsheet contains the tables required as part of the annual performance report provided to Ofwat for the reporting year 2022-23. These tables accompany the annual performance report. This file does not contain the performance summary tables (Tables 3A to 3I). For these tables, please see the file ‘APR Tables – 2022/23 – 3A-3I’.

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 APR Tables 3a to

 3i outcome delivery

 incentives 2022-23

 © 2023 by


 Water Group

 is licensed under

CC BY 4.0


14 July 2023  Excel

 This spreadsheet

 contains the


 summary tables

 (Tables 3A to 3I)

 required as part

 of the annual


 report provided

 to Ofwat for the

 reporting year

 2022-23. These

 tables accompany

 the annual



Open data - certificate info.png


ODI Performance Year 1 to Year 3

© 2023 by Northumbrian Water Group is licensed under CC BY 4.0   



14 July 2023 Excel

Data for common and bespoke performance commitments (subset of the measures in Tables 3A-3I) over the 1st 3 years of the current Asset Management Period (AMP7 2020-2025).








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Contact us if you have any queries about how to use or interpret the data.


Please also find below the second iteration of the water sector Open Data Roadmap. This iteration was approved by the Water UK Board on 7 December 2023 and is the current version of the roadmap that the industry is working to deliver.