Northumbrian Water is continuing to work with partners to support residents in County Durham and Northumberland following Storm Arwen. 

Teams from the water company are providing bottled water for people in the areas where there are still issues with power supply.


Although network water supplies to all customers are restored across both County Durham and Northumberland, there are people on private water supplies who are unable to access water. 


Upwards of 5,000 bottles of water have been delivered and are being dropped off for the emergency response teams to distribute to those who need them. 


The water company is also offering a water refill service specifically for farmers who may not be able to access their private water supplies. 


Anyone in need of urgent water for livestock and animals is asked to contact Northumbrian Water and a nearby location will be identified and setup for farmers to bring, and fill, a tanker or bowser with water from the network. 


As well as working to support the emergency services, local councils and partners in both County Durham and Northumberland, water company teams are working around the clock to ensure the water and wastewater networks continue running properly, with power outages in some areas still impacting key locations like treatment works and pumping stations. 


Anyone who has any emergency issues with their water supply, or needs any further support, can contact us on 0345 717 1100


Any farmers who need to contact us in relation to the water filling service are asked to ring 0345 717 1100 or contact us on our social media channels.