Work to install a new drainage pipe that will take contaminated groundwater from a disused culvert into the sewer network is set to begin at the end of the month. 

Northumbrian Water, in partnership with North Tyneside Council, is working with its partner Esh Construction on the final preparations for the project, which was a recommendation from the Cullercoats Bay Bathing Water Study that the water company completed earlier this year.


The aim is to see if the work in the John Street area has a positive effect on the bathing water quality at Cullercoats.


Investigations carried out by Northumbrian Water, North Tyneside Council and the Environment Agency since 2017 have shown no evidence of the water company’s assets being a primary cause for the deterioration in bathing water quality. Contaminated groundwater is likely to be the primary cause.


Work is due to begin on October 31 and be completed by Christmas.


Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, Graeme Ridley, said: “Cullercoats is such a popular place for people who enjoy being by the sea and we share that passion, so the aim of this work is to see if we can help improve the Bathing Water quality in Cullercoats Bay, by breaking the link between this known source of contaminated ground water and the sea. We hope that, by working with partners such as North Tyneside Council and the Environment Agency, we can really make a difference here.”


Samantha Dand, Director of Environment at North Tyneside Council, said: “There has already been a huge amount of work carried out to try and improve the bathing water quality at Cullercoats, and we will continue working with our partners Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency until the water quality matches our aspirations. We remain hopeful that the new drainage pipe will be the breakthrough we have been working towards.”