Essex and Suffolk Water’s fantastic ‘Make My Day’ campaign of kindness is back for 2017 and the surprises begin next week!

‘Make My Day’ is our way of showing our customers just how much we care about them and how important they are to the business...through random acts of kindness.


It comes during National Customer Service Week and between Monday and Friday (Oct 2 – 6) our aim is to make as many people’s days as possible, in as many different ways as possible.


From gifts and trips away for people to our employees giving their time to support community projects and giving donations, there are lots of different surprises planned for each day in different locations all across the North East and the Essex and Suffolk areas.


In September we asked our customers to nominate someone who they thought deserved to have their day made and we got a staggering 282 responses back in total.


After a (very tough) judging panel we chose a number of winners and our employees have been busy getting things ready and sorting the final preparations ahead of all of the surprises next week.


As well as the big surprises, we’ll also be giving away free prizes and gifts in random acts of kindness events in different locations throughout the week.


From Monday, we will be publicising everything we get up to on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so give us a follow to see all of the surprises as and when they happen.


Claire Sharp, Essex and Suffolk Water’s Customer Service Director, said: “We can’t wait to get started surprising people and kick off Make My Day 2017.


“It’s an amazing campaign to be involved with and it ties in perfectly with National Customer Service week as it’s the perfect way of giving something back to our customers and putting a smile on people’s faces.


“We received so many great nominations and heard so many amazing stories and we would have like to have chosen everyone to receive something if we could, but we’ve managed to pick lots of worthy winners and we’re ready to start surprising them.”