As the nights draw in and the days get cooler Northumbrian Water is encouraging people to be extra vigilant of bogus callers as winter approaches.

More than 50% of bogus callers - people who pretend to be someone they are not so they can enter and steal from a home - claim to be from a water company, or ‘the water board".


This time of year it is even more important than ever to make yourself, friends, and family members or neighbours aware of bogus callers and how you can be protected against them. As part of their Priority Services, Northumbrian Water offer a password scheme to protect against anyone trying to get into your house pretending to be from the ‘water board′. Only a genuine employee will know this password.


Dawn Creighton, Head of Customer Strategy and Experience for Northumbrian Water said "All year round, but particularly in the cooler months we want to make sure that all of our customers are able to access water however and whenever they need it."


"We all need a bit of extra support at some point in our lives so we want to help make things a bit easier, whatever your circumstances. The Priority Services register is free to sign up and anyone could be eligible for support."


Northumbrian Water offer a range of free services so their customers can have water without the worry, whatever their circumstances.


As well as help with your monthly bill the Priority Services Register can offer a number of things including:


• Bills in braille, large print or audio CD
• Text relay services, for deaf or hearing-impaired customers, simply use 18001 in front of our contact telephone numbers, and a Text Relay operator will join the call
• Password schemes, so you know who our colleagues are when they visit your home
• Nominated contacts, so your family, friend or carer can help you manage your account with us
• Telephone interpreting service, if English isn′t your first language


When we are working outside your home they will also make sure you have all the access to your home that you need. Northumbrian Water will also make sure that if your supply has gone off and you are unable to go out to get bottled water that bottled water to be delivered directly to your door.


If you think you would benefit from our Priority Services, or know of a family member, friend or neighbour who′s life would be made that little bit easier with some support, then register for Northumbrian Water′s FREE Priority Services online by visiting