Northumbrian Water teams have been working non-stop through the night to restore water supplies to customers in the Ashington and Newbiggin areas. 


Supplies to the area were temporarily impacted last night (Monday December 19) as a result of the recent freeze-thaw weather conditions the region has been experiencing.


An immediate response was put in place which saw teams of engineers working late into the night on the fix.


Thanks to the company’s preparation over recent days, during which they positioned bottled water supplies around the region in preparation for such a situation, employees were able to very quickly set up an emergency bottled water station to support customers. 


Supplies were restored around 3am this morning as the system recharged, meaning that customers’ water should be back running this morning. 


Northumbrian Water’s Operations Director, Richard Warneford, said: “We’d like to apologise to our customers in Ashington and Newbiggin for the disruption that this caused them and are pleased to confirm that everyone in the area should now have their supplies back up and running.


“The ongoing extreme temperature changes we’re experiencing are likely to continue to have some impact on our water network and there may still be times when our customers see some lower water pressure than normal.


“In these situations, we would ask that people please bear with us while we work as quickly as possible to resolve these issues.”


The bottled water station which was set up by the company at Ashington Leisure Centre will reopen from 8.00am today (Tuesday December 20) for anyone who still needs it, although people should be back in supply from their taps and not require this.