Northumbrian Water is urging people to make a New Year's resolution and take the first steps in improving their finances, with the help of a specialist partnership to support debt management and reduction. 

Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, is named to recognise the arrival of unpaid credit card bills that might have a higher than normal balance, on top of the existing post-Christmas blues and the cold, dark nights. 


Northumbrian Water want all its customers to have water without the worry by offering them a wide range of support. This includes support for people who have difficulties with their bills. 


The company, which has been committed to helping customers in need throughout the pandemic, is reminding customers of its support, especially at this time of year when things can become financially difficult.


The partnership between Northumbrian Water and StepChange Debt Charity provides a comprehensive programme of help for people to reduce arrears and re-schedule payments to ease debt problems. 


Here are some of the ways the utility company can ease money worries for its customers:


  • Check you are on the cheapest tariff for your current circumstances - the company may be able to offer a discount of up to 50% on your current charges. These tariffs are perfect if: your total household income is less than £16,105, or a member of your household receives Pension Credit or your income is not enough to cover your essential bills.
  • If you've had a sudden change to your income and can't afford to make your payments, Northumbrian Water can offer you a payment break. There's no need to worry about the bill during this difficult time. Within the last year, the utility company has helped over 7,500 of its customers with a payment break.
  • There are many flexible payment plans to suit your household. If your income has reduced and you can't afford your normal payment arrangements, please do not worry as the company can help you with a flexible payment arrangement.
  • Please talk to Northumbrian Water, as its team is always happy to help and work with independent debt charity, StepChange, which provides free, expert debt advice and solutions for anyone looking to reduce arrears and re-schedule payments to ease debt problems. 


Mark Wilkinson, Head of Income for Northumbrian Water, said: "While debt and financial problems can affect people all year around, January can provide a particular strain, coming on the back of the Christmas period. 


"Struggling to pay bills is often the first sign that things are getting tight and many people still bury their heads in the sand, hoping that the problem will go away. But asking for help can be the first step towards resolving the problem. 


"We can refer people to StepChange and their experts will find the best way forward for individuals' own personal circumstances. It may even be that people are eligible to a reduction in their bills." 


Mark added: "Blue Monday is a great opportunity to focus upon an issue that affects people in many ways, not only financially. The worry of debt and some of the consequences of unpaid bills can cause a strain on people's health. It's important for people to know that they don't have to face their problems alone and help is available." 


If you think you would benefit from free debt advice, a discounted bill or payment holiday, or know of a family member, friend or neighbour who′s life would be made that little bit easier with some support, visit