Thousands of youngsters will be learning about the health benefits of staying hydrated - thanks to Essex & Suffolk Water and the Museum of Power in Langford.   

Essex & Suffolk Water’s educational programme, Powered by Water, will be delivered to around 2,000 pupils and children visiting for events over the course of the next ten months as part of the Museum of Power’s ongoing programme of activity with schools and children in the local community.


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The Museum of Power is housed in Essex & Suffolk Water’s former Langford water pumping station, built in 1924 by T and C Hawksley. In the 1990s, this was later converted into a fascinating museum open to the public. The delivery of the programme at the historic site will show first-hand how water itself provides the power for people to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Powered by Water programme teaches youngsters about the importance of staying hydrated and choosing clean, clear and great tasting tap water over sugary drinks, through a series of interactive games, quizzes and activities.


Essex & Suffolk Water’s Corporate Affairs Director, Louise Hunter, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be extending our longstanding partnership with the museum and the volunteers – and to be working together on the delivery of our programme. The Museum of Power already does some fantastic work with young people and in the community about the story of water, and around keeping the site’s spectacular industrial heritage alive for generations to come.


“It’s really important that young people learn how important it is to stay hydrated, as it will assist their development, keep them healthy and give them a boost both when working hard in the classroom and during physical exercise. We hope the Powered by Water programme, will help them to stay healthy, hydrated and active throughout their lives.”


The water company’s programme teaches children how staying topped up and hydrated throughout the day will help keep them healthy in many ways. Youngsters are also encouraged to choose tap water over fizzy drinks and certain fruit juices, which can contain high amounts of sugar and be bad for teeth – and can cause more serious health problems later in life.


Roger Griffin, Chairman and Head of Learning at Museum in Langford, said: “Extending our partnership with Essex & Suffolk Water and supporting the Powered by Water programme delivery is something we are really excited about. The programme is a great addition to our existing educational programme for Key Stages 1 and 2 school and home education visits and learning activities within community events that we deliver every year.


“We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our first group of students from Tollesbury Primary School, who engaged with the Powered by Water programme last week and we’re looking forward to rolling it out further.” 


To find out more about the historic Museum of Power, visit: and for more information about Essex & Suffolk Water’s work in the community, visit: