Northumbrian Water is encouraging customers to take action to help support sustainable water supplies, by using water wisely.

It comes following a report released by the Environment Agency today, which calls for action on water efficiency.


The report highlights that climate change and demand from a growing population are the biggest pressures on the availability of water, and advises that everyone must change their attitudes to water use.


Martin Lunn, Head of Technical Strategy & Support for Northumbrian Water said:


"We wholeheartedly agree with the Environment Agency′s report and how important it is to work together to conserve water.


"We all have a part to play in protecting the water environment and we′re really proud of our long history of working with communities across the North East and helping hundreds of thousands of our customers save water.


"One of the ways we′re doing this is through our award-winning Every Drop Counts campaign, ensuring that our precious water resources are used as wisely as possible.


"As a business, we also take leakage very seriously. We′re investing in new and innovative ways to help combat leaks on our water network, using cutting-edge technology to identify leaks in some of the most remote areas of the region.


"Our lives depend on water and we are very lucky in the UK that water is readily available, but we must remember that it is a finite resource and we must all work together to conserve it."


Simple changes to daily habits, such as turning the tap off when brushing your teeth and repairing dripping taps can make a huge different to reducing water use.


The water company also has a 24-hour leakline for customers to report burst pipes or leaks. Customers can call the leakline on 0800 383 084 or by filling in the online form at


For customers who may have a leak on their own pipework, Northumbrian Water supports an approved list of plumbers, found on the WaterSafe website at


Change of habit Saving per property per day
Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth 30.7 litres
Shower rather than bathe 25 litres
Use a bowl when hand washing dishes 17.5 litres
Take shorter showers 17 litres
Use a bowl when personal washing 11.8 litres
Repair dripping taps 8.9 litres
Use full loads in washing machines 8.3 litres
Use a bowl when washing food 6.5 litres
Use water resourcefully in the garden 2 litres
Use full loads in dishwashers 3.8 litres