Work to install new sewer pipe at Tyne Green, Hexham is now substantially complete. At Tynedale Golf Course the mid-week restrictions that had been in place have been lifted. The course is now fully open for business.

The work started in February to install a new sewer pipe under the River Tyne and underground through Tyne Green Park and required tunnelling through part of Tynedale Golf Club and Tyne Green Park.

Northumbrian Water in partnership with the Environment Agency and Northumberland County Council, have worked closely with Tynedale Golf Club to ensure the work that needed to be carried out on the golf course was kept to a minimum and caused the least disturbance.

By employing tunnelling techniques, we have significantly reduced the disturbance to the club, users of the park and also minimised the impact to the environment. It also meant there was minimal damage to the golf course.

The £1.2 million scheme was required following a burst of the existing pipe in Spring 2016. A temporary solution was put in place until this permanent solution could be planned and completed.

Mike Ciaraldi, project manager for Northumbrian Water said; “We would like to thank Tynedale Golf Club, its members and other Tyne Green Park users for their patience and cooperation while we carried out this work. With the work now substantially complete, the golf club is now fully open for business for everyone to enjoy”.

“By using the tunnelling techniques we reduced the amount of time needed to be at the club by approximately six weeks. It also meant the course would not need to be dug up and is still in great condition for golfers this Spring.”

There was some disruption to the clubs normal activities on week days while the work was going on.

Club chairman, Brendan Murphy said; “Northumbrian Water worked with us every step of the way. We knew it needed to be done; it was just a case of trying to do the best we could under the circumstances.

“We hoped it would be finished before the start of the season, and it was a few weeks late, but now we’re up and running as usual for the rest of the season.”