This World Water Day (22 March), a North East water company will be taking customers behind the scenes to show there′s more to having a clean water supply than just turning on the tap.

For a full 24-hours, Northumbrian Water will be tweeting round the clock about all of the different activities that go into ensuring their 2.7 million customers receive clean, clear and great tasting water every day.


Customers following the company on Twitter will be able to find out about all of things that people wouldn′t ordinarily see, but that are vital to keep the business running and water flowing to the North East.


From the sampling team who check the water at every stage and the control room who keep the water flowing while the region sleeps, to the data centre that powers up the systems and the kitchen teams who keep employees healthy and hydrated at our sites.


The initiative is aimed at raising awareness of World Water Day, which is celebrated annually to highlight the importance of a clean water supply on demand.


Northumbrian Water′s Chief Executive, Heidi Mottram, said: "At a time when the public eye is very much on water, following James Bevan′s powerful speech earlier this week, it′s more important than ever that we don′t take having a clean water supply for granted.


"We have 2.7 million customers in the North East who can turn on the tap and have water any day, any time they want it and there′s a lot of work that goes into making that happen!


"This World Water Day, we want to remind our customers just how fortunate we all are by giving them a taster of just some of the many processes involved in getting clean water to the taps of every single home."


People can follow the posts on the day from 7.00am on Friday 22 March to 7.00am on Saturday 23 March, by following @NorthumbrianH2O and using the hashtag #NW24