According to a recent survey done by YouGov British people are too embarrassed to ask for free tap water in restaurants, so are opting to splash their cash on bottled water.

And contributing to the 7.7 billion plastic water bottles used in Britain every year.

Even though licenced premises in England, Scotland and Wales are legally obliged to provide free drinking water, people are reporting that they find it too awkward to ask for a glass of the good stuff.

This is bad news for the environment, as the manufacture of plastic bottles produces 2.5million tons of carbon dioxide and uses huge amounts of oil. Of all the bottles used only a limited number are recycled.

Well, here at Northumbrian Water we’ve come up with a possible solution.

We′re really proud of the tap water we produce, it′s local, it′s fresh, it comes from some amazing surroundings, and plus, its great value for money.

We want our customers to be able to enjoy it wherever they go and without feeling embarrassed and so we’ve teamed up with over 45 restaurants across the region and provided them with branded glassware sets for customers who choose to drink tap water.

When diners ask for tap water they will be given it in one of the Northumbrian Water carafes or bottles with the official ‘100% Northumbrian Water’ brand on it.

They can then enjoy their clean, clear and great tasting tap water in a smart looking glass water bottle without feeling self-conscious.

The glassware sets are being used in top establishments across the region including Marco Pierre White’s in Newcastle, Six at The Baltic, Matfen Hall, The Staith House in North Shields, Peace and Loaf in Jesmond, NUFC, the South Causey Inn, Ramside Hall, Zen in Durham and Seaham Hall.

Tap water here in the North East is one of the highest quality tap waters in the UK and is monitored 24/7 by specially trained employees at treatment works all throughout the region to make sure it remains this way.

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