Industry leaders on Teesside are gathering this week to see how the treatment of their waste is contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Total Water Solutions, part of Northumbrian Water, is welcoming representatives from 25 of the area′s biggest businesses to an event at the company′s Bran Sands Regional Sewage Treatment Works this week, where they will hear how treatment of the waste is contributing to emissions reductions.


Northumbrian Water saw a 46% reduction in its net emissions in 2018, compared with a baseline set in 2008. The work at Bran Sands, where green energy is created by processing sewage sludge and industrial effluents, using a process called Advanced Anaerobic Digestion, which the company refers to as "Power From Poo".


Where waste that is tankered to Bran Sands because it cannot be treated on the client’s site, such as from industries including manufacturing or construction, sending it to an Environment Agency permitted and approved sewage treatment facility ensures it is dealt with securely, legally and sustainably.


Between Bran Sands and Northumbrian Water′s treatment works at Howdon, on Tyneside, the company uses 100% of its waste water sludge to create energy.


Andrew Sinclair, Business Development Manager at Total Water Solutions, said: "Our sewage treatment plant at Bran Sands, Teesside, is industry leading in its sustainable approach to waste treatment. Using anaerobic digestion, the liquid waste is transformed into energy rich biogas, which in part is used to power the facility, while the remainder is exported to the national grid and the leftover solids - known as cake - are used as agricultural fertiliser.


"Using this method, the centre has achieved not only a reduction in carbon emissions, but a 90% reduction in gas consumption and a 50% reduction in imported electricity. This reduction in the operating costs of the facility means that our customers′ bills are protected, and we are able to offer a cost effective and eco-friendly waste water treatment solution."


Alex Foreman, Managing Director of Total Recycling Services, uses the Bran Sands plant as a disposal site for various liquid wastes including acids, bund waters and aqueous effluents.


He said: "The plant is one of the biggest in the UK and can take in a variety of industrial effluents. The majority of all of the tanker waste we collect from our chemical clients, it treats for us. We′ve seen enormous benefits. Over the years we haven′t had our own treatment capabilities and it has helped open up opportunities for us to manage liquid waste in the Tees Valley."


Andrew Sinclair added: "Ensuring liquid waste is dealt with safely, sustainably and cost effectively is a major responsibility for businesses. Our sewage treatment centre at Bran Sands, Teesside, is industry leading in its sustainable approach to waste treatment."


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