Three of the country’s leading water companies are joining forces once again for the second part of their Innovate East 2021 event series set to take place next week.

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Essex & Suffolk Water, Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water are coming together to continue to develop innovative ways to tackle carbon reduction and climate change.


Innovative thinkers from the worlds of business, technology and engineering, along with groups of industry professionals, SMEs and supply chain partners will virtually come together again on the 9th and 10th June to focus on the themes of hydrogen, technology and nature-based solutions.


They will build on the ideas generated and progress made during the first event in March and take the crucial next steps to catapult them from ideas to real life.  


The Hydrogen sprint will focus on supporting a move to an electric and hydrogen powered fleet within the water industry. The specific focus on fleet came about after the work carried out in March led to identifying it as a fantastic opportunity to explore further. 


The Technology sprint will decide which of the ideas generated in March should be further developed to help the industry best use tech to achieve net zero carbon goals. A pivotal part in the sprint process.


The Nature-based sprint will look at understanding more about nature-based solutions and how to build greater public understanding and confidence in them.


Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: “We had a superb event in March and I’m very much looking forward to the next part.


“We’ve laid some great foundations and we just want to keep building.”


Shaunna Berendsen, Head of Innovation Engagement at Anglian Water, said: “Whether or not you were a part of the first event, your opinions and perspectives really matter to us.


“We want to develop solutions for the sector, not just our three utilities, so please come along and be part of the net carbon zero journey.”


Pete Stevens, Manager of Carbon Neutrality at Yorkshire Water, added: “The event is a great space for different organisations to focus on a key solution to help us meet our net zero public interest commitment.


“The second event in the series will help us continue to focus on three areas vital to our net zero journey.”


Anyone who is interested in the topics is welcome to take part in Innovate East 2021, and the team behind the event is looking for brilliant minds which cross sectors to work with them to unearth some truly transformational ideas. 


You can find out more via the website or you can sign up directly here.