Northumbrian Water is committing to reducing leakage and eradicating sewer flooding in people′s homes as part of new plans revealed by the company.

The north east water company is reassuring customers around the reliability of their water supply in a series of announcements from their 2020 - 2025 ‘Our Plan′ that was unveiled earlier this month.


The plan, which industry regulator OFWAT is currently assessing, outlines the long standing track record that the company has when it comes to making the right long term decisions and around maintaining a secure and high quality water service for its customers in the region.


The company′s performance on interruptions to water supply has seen them top the charts among all water companies since 2011 and customers in the north east are less likely to suffer from interruptions to their water than anyone else in the country.


Assets and Assurance Director Ceri Jones said′; "Our customers tell us that a reliable water and wastewater service is important to them and it′s clear from our plans that we′ve listened and put things in place that should protect the water supply to the North East for a very long time.


"We′ve already perform well around resilience and reliability, we′ve seen this put to the test in some extreme weather conditions this year - both a dramatic freeze with the Beast from the East and the long hot spell this summer. Thanks to good investment, hard work by our people and careful maintenance we′ve seen our pumping stations, treatment works and networks systems all perform well under pressure.


"But we′ve vowed not to stay still and we′ve made some real commitments to help drive resilience forward in the business and right across the whole sector."


Looking to the future the company have made commitments to:


- Reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 through significant investment and an innovative approach.

- Use technology and innovation to eradicate sewer flooding in the home as a result of our assets and operations.

- Deploy ‘game-changing′ sensor technology developed by Nuron in our live sewerage system to predict flooding incidents before they occur.

- Appoint a new Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer to manage ‘resilience in the round′ through our Resilience Framework and provide regional resilience leadership

  • Help our customers to reduce the amount of water that they use from 148 litres to 118 litres per day (20% reduction) and to use this precious resource wisely.


To find out all about the work we′re doing around resilience and for more details on ‘Our Plan′ visit and follow us on social media @Northumbrianh2O / @northumbrianwater #NWOurPlan.