Members of the Institute of Director’s were given a behind the scenes tour of Northumbrian Water earlier this week.

Directors from businesses across the region, visited the company’s head office in Pity Me and took part in an all access tour around a water treatment works in Lumley, Durham.

Finance Director for the water company, Chris Johns, was responsible for showing the group around the head office in Durham and gave them an overview of the company and how the business operates.

He talked in depth about the work that the organisation does for its local communities, the commitment to protecting the environment and the business processes and important decisions being made on a daily basis to ensure great customer service.

Water Supply Regional Manager, Richard Sutcliffe and Water Supply Area Manager, Dave Bruce, then took the group behind the scenes at Lumley and explained water operations, from source to tap, and the importance of ensuring that our water is clean, clear and tastes great.

Chris Johns said “We are immensely proud of the great work everyone in the organisation does and are happy to share what we do with other organisations across the region to help to contribute to the region’s growth and well-being.

“These visits are a great opportunity for us to showcase what we do. It also gave us a great opportunity to discuss our business processes with other business leaders in the region and share best practise.”

Dr Joanne Berry, Chair of the Institute of Director’s North East and Senior Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Durham University Business School said “This was a fantastic opportunity for our members and my students to see behind the scenes of such an important regional institution and such a significant part of our infrastructure.

“It was a fascinating day, and I know that everybody who attended will have left with a far deeper appreciation of how hard Northumbrian Water works to ensure that the region remains well supplied with clean water.”