Residents in Barnard Castle are being invited to share flood stories as part of Northumbrian Water’s Rainwise initiative.

The water company wants to fully understand how flooding has affected the area, in order to explore possible opportunities to reduce flood risk in future.

Residents are invited to share their experiences and find out more, at Northumbrian Water’s community vehicle, “Flo”, which will be parked outside Trinity Methodist Church, Scar Top, DL12 8PW, from 8.30am to 4pm on Tuesday August 1, 2017.

The Rainwise scheme involves working more closely with communities, to reduce the amount and speed of surface water that enters the sewer network.

More rain and more hard surfaces that don’t absorb rainwater mean that the sewer network is being put under increasing pressure.

Freeing up capacity in the network is particularly important to reduce flood risk during heavy rainfall.

The water company is working with its partners and communities across the North East, often in areas before flooding has even occurred, to explore and shape potential flood risk management projects.

Project Manager, Christopher Bond, said: “Local knowledge is really important in better understanding the risks and causes of flooding in the area.

“We want residents in Barnard Castle to come along and talk to us about any flooding they may have experienced or any issues with surface water they may have. This will help us to identify any potential future opportunities to manage surface water.”

Northumbrian Water will also be talking to residents about how they can help manage rainfall better locally to reduce the risk of flooding in their community.

Christopher explained: “People can do their bit too, to help reduce local flood risk by making small changes around their home. We’re encouraging residents to become ‘Rainwise’, by adding water butts to catch and store rainwater, and creating rain gardens to slow the flow of rainwater going directly into the drains.

“Blocked pipes can also increase the risk of sewer flooding and we would urge people to think twice about what they put down their toilets. Only toilet paper, pee and poo should go down the loo.”

To stay up to date with the initiative in the area or to share flooding information, visit and follow the link to the Barnard Castle page.