Young people will have a ball learning about the importance of staying hydrated and choosing water over sugary drinks, thanks to a new sporting partnership between Essex & Suffolk Water and Southend Utd FC.

Powered by Water is a new interactive educational workshop that will be delivered to thousands of students over the next year, as part of Southend Utd’s ongoing programme of activity with schools in the local area.


The first Powered by Water workshop was delivered by the Southend Utd Community & Educational Trust to Year 5 pupils at Grove Wood Primary School in Rayleigh on Monday 9 October.


During the session children took part in a number of interactive games, quizzes and activities whilst learning about the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. The pupils also designed their own posters on the importance of staying hydrated.


The Powered by Water programme has been designed help children learn the importance of drinking water to keep them healthy and hydrated, through a series of fun games and activities.


Staying topped up with water throughout the day keeps your brain healthy, helps you think clearly, improves your mood and stops you from getting tired.


Powered by Water also teaches children the importance to choosing water over fizzy drinks and certain fruit juices, which can contain high amounts of sugar. Too much sugar is bad for your teeth, makes you feel tired and can lead to more serious health problems later in life.


John Devall, Water Director for Essex & Suffolk Water said: “We’re really proud to have joined up with Southend Utd to deliver the Powered by Water programme in local schools. It’s really important that young people learn how important it is to stay hydrated, as it will assist their development, keep them healthy and give them a boost both when playing sport and working hard in the classroom.


“We hope that teaching children the importance of drinking water will help them to stay healthy, hydrated and active throughout their lives.”


Dann Hall, Participation Officer for Southend Utd Community & Educational Trust said: “We are really pleased to be in partnership with Essex and Suffolk Water for The Powered By Water programme. Following yesterday′s successful launch at Grove Wood Primary School we can’t wait to get out in the community to educate all ages the importance staying hydrated!”