Olympian Kat Driscoll is encouraging residents of Washington to find out about opportunities to save water, energy and money after receiving a free water saving visit as part of Northumbrian Water′s Every Drop Counts campaign.

Trampoline gymnast Kat, who trains in Washington, signed up for one of the home visits because she wants to leave an environmental legacy for future generations - and was instantly rewarded with advice and free water-saving products so that she can start to make a difference immediately.


The Every Drop Counts team is working in Washington throughout the summer, signing up customers to receive the free visits, where a qualified technician looks at the uses of water in the home and advises on improvements that can be made to help save water. They also check and fix leaking taps and toilets, where possible.


People who sign up to Every Drop Counts can receive water saving products - from water butts to more efficient shower heads - worth up to £130, completely free of charge. Saving water can also help people to save energy and money that would otherwise be wasted on heating unneeded water.


The free water saving visits are being offered to more than 17,000 customers in Washington.


After receiving her visit, British number one and multi-World and European medal winner Kat said: "There are so many things that everybody could be doing out there to better save the environment.


"In my sport, I′m all about leaving a legacy for people who come after me and I feel we should be doing more to protect the planet for those that come after us as well. This is something that I want to do that can help leave a better future for any kids that I have and then their kids, so I think the more we can do to help the planet at the moment the better.


"When it′s such simple things that you can do every day in your house to save water, everybody should just be doing it. Everybody in Washington should get in touch with Northumbrian Water and sign up for a free water saving visit as part of Every Drop Counts."


Martin Lunn, Head of Technical Strategy & Support for Northumbrian Water said: "It′s fantastic that Kat has chosen to support Every Drop Counts, not only by signing up for a water saving visit herself, but also by encouraging others to do likewise. Sport is universal and so is the ability to save water - we can all do something!


"The more people who get involved and start saving water, the more of an impact we can make for the environment. Kat is a great role model for young people and, if her support can help instil good habits into the next generation, we can help to leave a really positive legacy, so we are incredibly grateful for her support."


Northumbrian Water customers can book visits online at www.nwl.co.uk/everydropcounts/, by phoning 0800 953 0130 or by emailing watersaving@nwl.co.uk