Northumbrian Water are taking over the weather on your TV!

The North East water company have teamed up with local TV station MADE in Tyne and Wear and formed a partnership that will see employees produce and present the channel′s weather bulletins for the next 12 months.


From May 1st over three quarters of a million viewers every month will get to see the weather being delivered by Northumbrian Water employees from right across the region and in lots of weird and wonderful sites and locations.


The weather experts at MADE TV will be preparing the scripts and all the scientific bits and then budding weather presenters from the water company will be responsible for presenting and recording the bulletins that will be going out a minimum of 16 times a day on the channel.


Corporate Communications Director Louise Hunter said: "Our business is so weather dependent that we′re a company of ardent ‘weather watchers′ anyway, so we thought we′d put our obsession to productive use and a partnership like this just makes perfect sense!


"We′ll be the first water company in the country to be responsible for producing and presenting the weather on TV and it′s just another example of Northumbrian Water Group leading the way and putting innovation right at the forefront of everything we do.


"Employees from right across the organisation are going to be giving viewers the weather information they need in fun and creative ways and with some tips and advice thrown in along the way.

"We′re really looking forward to it, can′t wait to get started and hopefully you′ll be seeing us on your screens very soon!"


Tracy Eastwood, Chief Commercial Officer at MADE TV said:


"We couldn′t be happier to be working alongside such a fantastic company as Northumbrian Water in delivering what is one of our key content elements. The Weather really matters to our viewers and we are very proud to be delivering that alongside our partners at Northumbrian Water, a company with such a responsible approach to the environment and our communities."


Tune in to MADE in Tyne & Wear and Made in Teesside on Freeview Channel 7 from Tuesday May 1 to see us in action.


The bulletins will also be available on catch up on the Northumbrian Water Twitter and Facebook accounts.