Fuelling stations which could transform the future of transport are on the agenda for utility companies in the North East.

Northern Gas Networks (NGN), the gas distributer for the North, is holding a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) conference in Newcastle on Monday November 26, to understand the opportunities surrounding this cleaner fuel.


Joining NGN at the conference is Northumbrian Water, who is also looking to explore using this innovative gas to power its fleet.


It’s part of an ongoing partnership with Northern Gas Networks to understand the untapped potential of using CNG, which was developed at the water company’s Innovation Festival in July.


CNG is methane stored at high pressure, containing less particulate matter and fewer nitrous oxides. It can be used in place of gasoline, diesel and propane.


NGN and other invited organisations, including Asda and Air Liquide, will be exploring how to bring as many as five new CNG fuelling stations to the North East.


David Gill, NGN’s Head of Customer Energy Solutions said: “This idea came to life at the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival and we’re delighted to be driving it forwards. As we look towards a cleaner, greener energy future and ways to improve air quality in our cities, CNG offers huge potential as an alternative fuel.


“For the HGVs and large company fleets journeying up and down our roads, this represents a real opportunity to reduce emissions. As the gas distributer for the North, we are keen to understand how NGN can play a part in helping achieve that.”


Northumbrian Water’s Fleet Manager, Kate Wilson, said: “We’re always looking for new technology that will help us to have a positive impact on our precious environment and it’s important that we play our part in delivering clean air in our towns and cities.


“We’re excited to continue the conversations we had at our Innovation Festival, where we’ll be considering what the future of transport looks like and how our fleet can get from A to B sustainably.”


Northumbrian Water will have speakers at the event taking place at the Life Centre in Newcastle, talking about the company’s aspirations for a clean fleet.