Ahead of Water Saving Week (11 - 15 May) Northumbrian Water is giving people across the North East tips on how to save water while staying indoors during Coronavirus.

The annual campaign, led by Waterwise, aims to raise awareness about how easy it is to use water wisely by making simple changes around the home and garden.


Tim Wagstaff, Water Efficiency Manager at Northumbrian Water, said: "We know that there are many people at home, probably using a little bit more water than they would normally.


"This Water Saving Week there are some really simple changes our customers can start making to be more water efficient and if they are on a water meter, it will help them save money on their water bill.


"Even if they're not on a water meter, using less hot water around the home can help to save money on energy bills too.


"Water is a precious resource that we can easily take for granted. Using it wisely means we can make sure that we can continue to provide enough water for people and the environment, now and into the future."


Water Saving Week has a different theme every day, including how saving water can reduce people's carbon footprint, save wildlife and even keep the UK beautiful.


Northumbrian Water will be sharing water saving advice throughout the week across its social media channels and has rounded up its top ten tips:


1. Stay hydrated. Water is essential to support healthy bodies and minds. Keep a jug handy in the fridge, so you don't need to run the tap every time you want a drink.


2. Only use what you need. If you're cooking pasta or putting the kettle on…only filling the pan or the kettle with as much water as you need, rather than right to the top, will help you to save water AND cut down on electricity bills.


3. Turn off the taps. Turn off the taps while you're brushing your teeth to save up to six litres of water a minute. Put the plug in your sink basin when washing or shaving, and save up to 12 litres of water.


4. Short flush. Around one-third of all water used in the home goes down the toilet. If you have a dual flush system, make sure you use the short flush (usually the smaller button) whenever possible or order a save-a-flush bag from www.nwl.co.uk/savewater. You should also check your toilet for leaks - a leaky loo can waste up to 215 litres of water a day!


5. Take a shower. Having a bath can use as much as 80 litres of water. Taking a five minute shower instead can save around ten litres of water. Reduce your time in the shower by setting a timer on your phone and depending on the type of shower, you can save a further 18 litres of water!


6. Wash a full load. Saving up your dirty clothes until your washing machine is full is better than doing two half loads. If you need to replace your washing machine, always try to buy one that has an A-rating for energy and water consumption.


7. Use a dishwasher. Filling up a dishwasher until it's completely full each time will save more water than doing the dishes by hand, even if you're using a bowl. Similar to your washing machine, it's always best to look for A-rated appliances.


8. Drive water use down with buckets. The most efficient way to wash your car is to use a bucket and sponge. Reserve the hose for quick rinses, or better yet, use a watering can to rinse off any soap.


9. Love your butt. Around 90,000 litres of rainwater falls on the average roof in one year. If you're planning to spend more time in the garden, install a water butt in your garden to catch rainwater to water your plants with.


10. Use a watering can. Out in the garden watering your plants? Make sure you use a watering can instead of a hose - a hose pipe can use up to 1000 litres of water an hour!


Northumbrian Water has a number of free water-saving products available for customers. Visit www.nwl.co.uk/savewater to find out more and to order a free water-saving kit.


For anyone who has been affected by Coronavirus and needs extra help and financial support paying their water bills, visit www.nwl.co.uk/covid19