Northumbrian Water Group has been named ‘Energy Company of the Year’ at a prestigious awards ceremony to recognise businesses driving the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

The award, which celebrated Northumbrian Water Group’s advanced anaerobic digestion work to create “Power From Poo” at sites on Tyneside and the Tees Valley, and its anaerobic digestion gas to grid plant in Yorkshire, was presented at a ceremony in Manchester last night.

The inaugural Northern Lights 2017 awards were held on the first day of the UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference and Exhibition.

Northumbrian Water Group uses advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) at Howdon, on Tyneside, and Bran Sands, in the Tees Valley, using 100% of its waste sludge to create energy. At Ridge Road, near Leeds, the company uses anaerobic digestion (AD) to convert agricultural farm wastes for gas to grid.

Maxine Mayhew, Group Commercial Director at Northumbrian Water Group, said: “At Northumbrian Water Group, we have challenged traditional methods of engineering to find greener alternatives that reduce the amount of energy we use.

“Through our advanced anaerobic digestion plants at Howdon and Bran Sands, which use 100% of our sewage sludge to create energy, and our Ridge Road site, near Leeds, where we do the same with agricultural farm wastes, we are creating energy from waste in innovative ways.

“This award is fantastic recognition of the work of our team to deliver an industry-leading approach to the creation of renewable energy.”

The event honoured the companies and individuals who have been instrumental in working together and driving forward plans to help make the UK Northern Powerhouse a reality.

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Northumbrian Water Group supplies 2.7 million customer in the North East with both water and sewerage services, trading as Northumbrian Water, and 1.8 million customers in the South East with water services, trading as Essex & Suffolk Water.

In the most recent survey by the Consumer Council for Water, Northumbrian Water was named the UK’s most trusted water company by its customers. 2016 also saw Northumbrian Water named the world’s most ethical water company for the sixth successive year.

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