As this week marks the start of spring in the astronomical calendar, Northumbrian Water is encouraging North East residents to save water, leaving more water in the environment ahead of what may be another long, hot summer.

With the spring equinox taking place yesterday (MON), the water company is taking the opportunity to look forward as people across the region start to dust off their watering cans, hosepipes and paddling pools.


During the warmer months, water demand usually increases all over the UK – especially since the pandemic three years ago saw more people than ever holidaying in this country.


In an effort to promote water conservation, Northumbrian Water is asking its customers to help to protect precious resources by:


  • Reducing their outdoor water usage by limiting lawn watering as much as possible.
  • Where possible, avoiding the use of sprinklers.
  • Look at how to conserve water within the household.
  • Be mindful of leaks – and report them as soon as possible to reduce water waste.


Will Robinson, Water Resources & Supply Strategy Manager at Northumbrian Water, said: “With spring already upon us, it is really important that we start to look ahead to what may be another hot summer.


“By conserving as much as we can and being mindful ahead of the summer months, it really helps to ensure that we can leave more water in our regions amazing rivers and reservoirs and keep the water flowing to our homes all year round. 


“We are committed to protecting and preserving our water resources, and while we have lots of measures in place, we cannot do it without the help of the people in our regions.


“So, it is important that we all work together to conserve water during the spring season and beyond."


For more information on how to save water this spring, go to –