With the Met Office issuing an amber warning for sizzling temperatures in the North East, Northumbrian Water is encouraging its customers to use water wisely.

The demand for water across the region is at its highest point so far this year, with the increased use of hot tubs, paddling pools and hosepipes over the weekend.


And with temperatures soaring to 27 degrees yesterday (Sunday July 10), customers basking in the sunshine used a total of 788 million litres of water, about 20% more water than usual.


While water resources remain in a normal position for this time of year, the water company is reminding its customers to be more mindful of their water usage, in a bid to help protect water resources and the environment.


Colin Day, Head of Water Service Planning at Northumbrian Water, said: “The sunshine and hot weather means we have seen an increase in demand for water recently.


“Although we're used to managing demand, we still need customers to play their part by using water wisely, so that we can continue to manage supplies and keep the water flowing.


“Our stocks of water remain healthy for this time of year but when large numbers of people start using things like hot tubs or paddling pools it can pull heavily on our resources and sometimes this means the water in our network is being used faster than we can change it from raw water into drinking water.


“If you do decide to use things like these, make sure you get the best out of them, for example, if you’re using a paddling pool this weekend, you can re-use the water afterwards to water your plants or wash your car.


"Even small changes can make a big difference, so make sure you’re doing all you can to be mindful this summer.”


Research has shown that a paddling pool can use up to 450 litres of water, and a hot tub can use up to 1,500 litres – which is the equivalent of 882 standard-sized kettles. That's more than ten times most people’s average daily usage in one go – on top of what they would normally use.


It also showed that using a hosepipe for one hour can use 100 litres of water – which is the equivalent of one-and-a-quarter bathtubs. However, keeping a water butt in your garden can collect up to 200 litres of water in a more environmentally friendly way.


For more information on how to save water, go to www.nwl.co.uk/summer