Northumbrian Water Group has successfully trialled a new specialist technology which will help to reduce leakage.

Using a digital twin prediction model, the water company will be able to understand water demand in the network and identify any issues more efficiently.


The pilot, which focused on two of the company’s highest leakage areas, one in Newcastle and one in Dagenham, has so far helped to reduce reported leakage by a massive 25%.


Alongside partners at Morrison Water Services, Northumbrian Water Group have taken the digital twin and have used it to monitor the performance of the distribution network.


The data science model, which has been operating since March 2022, uses clever prediction technology to simulate the water flow, such as customer demand or leakage, and uses this to assess where there is a problem.


This project was born out of Innovation Festival 2021 – where a series of hacks, dashes and sprints took place in order to come up with the concept.


Jim Howey, Head of Water Networks for Northumbrian Water, said: “By using this exciting new technology, we can look proactively at leakage - stopping the churn of finding and fixing without knowing the root cause.


“The digital twin is helping us to understand our networks better, and has been built based on data we already have along with pressure sensors in pipes.


“By using it, we can look for anomalies and tackle leaks in a much more efficient way – helping to save water and resources across our operating areas.


“I can’t wait to see what the next stage of this trial brings.”


Andy Southern, Contract Director for Morrison Water Services said “Utilising this technology delivers proactive interventions to leakage reduction and network management.”


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