Northumbrian Water Group, which includes Essex & Suffolk Water, is a step closer to its ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero in 2027 after passing an important milestone in the company’s carbon reduction targets. 


Using a multi-strand approach to green energy and through the adoption of a wide range of innovative practices, the company has seen carbon emissions fall more than 90% since 2008, when they stood at 303,000 tonnes.


The latest figure, for 2021, shows this has now fallen to 22,000 tonnes, having more than halved from the 2020’s 56,000 tonnes and driving the water company even closer to achieving its goal.


The company has published the latest figure as part of its Emission Possible plan, the first edition of which was released in 2021, coinciding with the company being approved by the United Nations to become part of its Race To Zero campaign. The updated report, launched today, is the first annual update on the plan.


The company's work to achieve the carbon reductions has included:


• Using a first of its kind ten-year deal to source around 30% of its electricity demand from the Race Bank offshore wind farm.


• Powering all 1,886 of its sites using renewable electricity, through which the company achieves 77,000 tonnes of CO2 savings each year.


The company also has a target of zero avoidable waste by 2025.


The new Emission Possible document can be read here: Emission Possible (


Heidi Mottram, Chief Executive of Northumbrian Water Group, represented the water industry at COP26 and is one of the industry leads on the sector’s ambition to achieve Net Zero in 2030.


She said: “Over the past 14 years, we  have made huge strides towards Net Zero.


“We have gone from 303,000 tonnes of carbon to just 22,000, and we are on track for our ambitious goal to reach Net Zero in 2027, and I am proud of the hard work and innovation that has helped us to make such amazing reductions."