An award-winning campaign has been launched in Stanley, County Durham, helping up to 15,000 local residents save water, energy and money.

On Friday, June 23, Northumbrian Water were joined by local people and North Durham MP Kevan Jones, for the official launch of ‘Every Drop Counts’ water conservation campaign.

‘Every Drop Counts’ is aimed at encouraging residents to sign up for a home water saving visit which includes advice on how to make simple changes to reduce water usage, as well as the installation of water saving products.

This is a free of charge service being offered by Northumbrian Water that will help homeowners use less water and also help to reduce other energy bills. So far, 832 residents have signed up to a free home water saving visit.

Speaking at the event, MP Kevan Jones, said: “I would like to thank everybody that attended the event and also thank Northumbrian Water for this fantastic initiative.

“Choosing Stanley and Annfield Plain to launch their water efficiency campaign shows their commitment to the area and just how dedicated they are to helping local people save water and money.

“Every Drop Counts is good for the environment and good for people’s pockets as well. I’d encourage everyone who lives in the area to sign up for a free home visit and to spread the word.”

A water droplet sculpture was unveiled at the launch event which represents the amount of water two people could save over one year by turning off the tap when brushing their teeth.

John Devall, Water Director at Northumbrian Water, said: “We sometimes take water for granted but we can all play our part to help protect this precious resource.

“The Every Drop Counts campaign has been hugely successful in other areas of the country and has really made a difference to the lives of thousands of people. It’s great to see it expanding into local communities like Stanley and I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

“We’re committed to helping customers reduce their bills by saving water and I would encourage residents to get involved and request a home visit by our team.”

Customers who live in the Stanley area can find out more about this offer