Over 2,000 Leigh-on-Sea residents have already signed up for a free Every Drop Counts home water saving visit, helping them save around 30 litres of water per day, as well as energy and money on their household bills.

Essex & Suffolk Water customers in Leigh-on-Sea can still sign up for their completely free Every Drop Counts visit, worth up to £130, by visiting www.eswater.co.uk/everydropcounts or by phoning 0800 369 9933.


The visits are carried out by a qualified plumber, who will offer advice on how to save water around the home, and install free water saving devices. The plumbers will also even fix leaky taps and toilets (where possible). The visits last under an hour, and various time slots are available.


As well as reducing water consumption, an Every Drop Counts visit can help customers save around £32 per year on their water bills. Around 21% of household energy bills goes towards heating water used for showering, bathing and running hot taps, so reducing water usage can contribute to even bigger annual savings.


Alongside the free water saving home visits, Essex & Suffolk Water will be running a number of events and initiatives with the local community in Leigh-on-Sea to spread the Every Drop Counts message. This includes local school visits and a number of community outreach and customer engagement events.


Earlier this month Essex & Suffolk Water held a community event at Leigh Community Centre, to provide more information on Every Drop Counts and a number of other free initiatives that it offers to customers. The Mayor & Mayoress of Southend attended the event, and registered for their own Every Drop Counts visit.


The Worshipful The Mayor of Southend, Cllr John Lamb, said: "It′s great to see that the Every Drop Counts campaign has come to Leigh-on-Sea. Water is a precious resource and we all need to think about using it wisely and reducing the amount we use each day. These free home visits can help you to save energy and money off your annual bills. I′ve signed up for my visit, and I hope everyone in Leigh-on-Sea does the same."


Tim Wagstaff, Water Efficiency Manager for Essex & Suffolk Water said: "We′ve had a great response to our Every Drop Counts campaign in Leigh-on-Sea so far, with over 2,000 households signing up for their completely free water saving visit. However, we don′t want to stop there, so I′m encouraging everyone in Leigh-on-Sea to book their appointment and start saving water, energy and money on their household bills.


"At Essex & Suffolk Water we are passionate about working with our customers to help them use water wisely, and our Every Drop Counts campaign is a fantastic way of doing this."


Leigh on Sea residents can find more information on Every Drop Counts and book an appointment by visiting https://www.eswater.co.uk/everydropcounts/, or by phoning 0800 369 9933.