Northumbrian Water is investing £2.5m in upgrades to the sewer network in Eaglescliffe.

The work will ensure the sewer continues to serve the community effectively.


The company and its partner Mott MacDonald Bentley will lay a new pipe from a pumping station next to the River Tees to Allens West Railway Station.


This will replace an old pipe that has started to deteriorate due to its age.


Construction work is due to begin in January 2022 and will take up to ten months to complete. The start date is subject to final internal approvals.


Site investigation work is due to take place in November and December. This includes digging trial trenches, vegetation clearances and reinforcement of softer land to support vehicle movements.


The majority of the pipe’s route will be within fields and grassed areas. Northumbrian Water and Mott MacDonald Bentley will seek to minimise disruption where the route crosses the A67 and Aislaby Road.


Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, Peter Greenan said: “The existing pipe is getting towards the end of its life and needs replacing so that we can keep serving the area’s sewerage needs for years to come whilst also reducing the pollution risk to The River Tees. This is an investment in doing just that for our customers in the Eaglescliffe area.”


“Customers might see some preliminary work taking place. We are writing to those who live nearby to let them know what we are doing, and have set up a web page to keep people up to date with the work.”


“This is found at, following the link to the Aislaby Road Rising Main. Once our works are under way we will post regular updates here.”