Northumbrian Water is teaming up with tech giants, business experts and fellow water companies to tackle leaks and manage its network better at its Innovation Festival 2023.

Every year, the water company holds a huge festival of innovation which sees participants from around the world working together to look for new ideas and solutions to challenges faced by the water sector and beyond.


A series of sprints, hacks, and dashes – workshop-style sessions which follow a five-stage process – will help inspire creativity among innovators during the festival, each one focused on a different subject.


The ‘Water Wonders’ themed sprints will explore what can be done to reduce leaks and further improve the way the company operates.


One of the sprints will specifically focus on how Northumbrian Water can better manage its network zones which are used to monitor leaks and identify the most appropriate interventions.


Another sprint will look at how the company can use technology and data to minimise the impact of roads and footpaths being dug up when repairing leaks or replacing pipes, benefiting customers, local authorities and other utilities.


OS, Cyclomedia and Siemens are the international organisations hosting sprints within the ‘Water Wonders’ theme, bringing global knowledge and expertise.


Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water, said: “Previous Innovation Festivals within this theme have come up with game-changing ideas which are being used in real-world situations right now, making a real-time difference to customers.


“No Dig, a clever gel which plugs leaks quickly and reduces disruption by minimising the need for any excavation, is an idea which came from our Innovation Festival in 2021 and I’m hoping that we can see similar great results from this festival.”


For more details about the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival, happening at Newcastle Racecourse between Monday 10 and Thursday 13 July, and to register for a sprint, go to